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JoikuSpot: Now comes Pre-Installed In Nokia Smartphones

JoikuSpot, the famous application, which turns your Smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, will now come Pre-Installed in a few Nokia devices for FREE. According to a recent announcement the latest version of JoikuSpot Premium 3.1  will come pre-installed in handsets in Nokia E6 (Symbian Anna), N9 (Meego) globally, and  X7 (in select markets) . In Nokia E7, JooikuSpot Light has been added as part of the Symbian Anna factory firmware update, globally.

In other devices such as E52, E5 and E72 JoikuSpot Premium is being given out for FREE from OVI right now with your phone as a gift globally. Continue reading JoikuSpot: Now comes Pre-Installed In Nokia Smartphones

UPDATE: Symbian Anna Update Available, Installation Issues And Solution

So finally Nokia is out with Symbian Anna update for its Nokia N8, E7-00, C6-01 and C7 handsets. So now the Symbian^3 users can update their devices either through Nokia Ovi Suite or OTA (Over  The Air) directly from their handsets. The update includes new icons, a portrait QWERTY keyboard, faster web browsing and better maps.

As of now OTA update are not available in India as you can see below. The update id of approximately 310 MB so it the device software checker advises you to use PC to update. Continue reading UPDATE: Symbian Anna Update Available, Installation Issues And Solution

Mozilla to automatically block unwanted Firefox add-ons

Mozilla’s Firefox will soon start blocking browser add-ons installed by other programs until users explicitly approve them, a move that’s designed to give people more control over their web surfing experience. The feature will debut next week in the Firefox Aurora beta, Justin Scott a Mozilla product manager for add-ons said Thursday. It will be activated each time the browser is started. If it detects a new add-on that’s been installed by another program, it will disable it and present the user with a dialog box. The add-on will be unblocked only after the user approves the add-on.

“Third-party applications frequently install bundled add-ons into Firefox as part of their own installation process,” Scott wrote. “While some of these applications seek the user’s permission beforehand, others install add-ons into Firefox without checking to make sure the user actually wants them.” Continue reading Mozilla to automatically block unwanted Firefox add-ons

UPDATE: #Gravity v1.61 Build 6825.

Gravity, the most popular application for Twitter over the Symbian platform recently got a minor update fixing a few bugs and API changes for Global Twitter Trends and the Foursquare. The YouTube videos are now again playing smoothly in the S^3 devices.

Official Change log:

– Twitter Trends (API changed)
– Youtube videos playing again (S^3 only)
-Network Timeout Error handling

So go ahead and download the latest build from http:// or

Reality: 4 Desktops together!

It has always been an head-ache for everyone to manage and run all the applications over a single desktop and still have the speed maintained by the system. It is actually very difficult to achieve.

But now it is possible. Here is Small Application namely Desktops which comes with 4 desktops. Yes, It provides 4 desktops with faster hot-keys to access it. The software size is just over 60kb, but don’t go by the size.
Continue reading Reality: 4 Desktops together!

Solution: Ovi Store Problems After Update

Recently I got an E7 for trial for 2 weeks and as I started using it, I got a notification to update the Ovi store to version 2.08 to 2.12. But there was a surprise awaiting me.

After the update, Ovi store was stuck at Loading.. as in the pic above. I searched a lot over the net but couldn’t find a solution to it! I finally approached @NokiaHelps over Twitter in order to at least get some lead.

And then I got a reply from them and asking me to install the Qt files over to my E7 via the Ovi suite as to solve the issue.
The files can be found in the attached ZIP file, and should be installed in the sequence listed below:

1. qt.sis
2. qtwebkit.sis
3. qmlviewer.sis
4. qtmobility.sis
5. Notifications Support Package Symbian3 v1.1.11120.sis
6. Notifications Environment Selector Symbian3.sis

Following this re-installation of files over to your mobile, Ovi store being stuck at Loading.. is solved.
As far as I have noted, this problem exists over the E7, C7, N8.

So to all those who are facing problem with Ovi store, kindly download the Qt files package from below and install them.

Hope it helps.

Download from here